image courtesy of Claridge Architects

Client: Balance Out Living | Architect: Claridge Architects

The proposed scheme for Sandringham Mews will be made up of two distinct blocks of co-living amenities to replace the existing low-grade retail / office fronting onto Broadway, London.

The larger building will comprise ground plus six-storeys on the main road, stepped back to reflect the existing massing of the surrounding buildings and sightlines. The second building will be ground plus three-storeys, made up of a lightweight frame on concrete podium structure and raft foundation.

Additional features include recessed garden spaces at the lowest level of the main building, further to active use of terraces for amenity space. An existing UKPN substation building, central on the site, will be retained and live throughout construction with some improvement on the façade in line with the new building forms.

We provided structural and geotechnical advice to mitigate ground movements to the UKPN substation and adjacent properties.

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