A summer internship with Mosaic

Andrew Cartwright, a 20-year-old Architectural Engineering Student from the University of Nottingham, joined our team for a six-week long internship during his summer break.

I have always had a keen interest in science and how things work. What started as a love of LEGO and modifying nerf guns, I discovered a passion for creating and learning that led me to engineering.

I was first introduced to Mosaic CSE via an Architect who had previously lectured at Nottingham University. Following some online research, I met up with the CEO and Co-founder, Craig Young, for a coffee and in-person chat. After a conversation on truss bridges, and the subsequent breaking of many wooden coffee stirrers for demonstrations, I was offered an Internship for the start of the summer.

A passion for creating and learning

While at Mosaic, I have enjoyed a variety of tasks such as researching Aerogel and Fumed Silica insulation, learning Eurocodes, and attending site visits / inspections. My favourite activity, however, has been working on projects. This has involved designing seating for heavy machinery, residential renovations, and designs for commercial warehouses. It has been very rewarding to be given so much responsibility and knowing that, after being checked over, my calculations and technical drawings have been included in an actual project.

It has been fantastic to have a hands-on approach to engineering outside of my studies. Craig is infectiously enthusiastic, sharing with me his perspectives on engineering, namely: safety, cost efficiency, and modes of failure. I now engage engineering with a more tailored approach, using many design techniques to tackle each problem individually.

Mosaic CSE team members inside the entryway of the Crystal Palace Subway

Being part of a high-performance environment

Before starting, I did find the prospect of an internship slightly daunting, not wanting to burden the team with my lack of experience. However, I very quickly experienced how welcoming and enthusiastic everyone has been, offering help and answering any questions I had. It was incredibly motivating to be part of such a positive and high-performance environment; It has been exciting to throw myself into the next task or activity, and I do not think my parents have ever seen me so lively at 7:30 in the morning.

As of writing this, I am keen to continue my studies with this more practical and applied view on engineering. I also hope to maintain a relationship with Mosaic both as a company, and as a group of wonderful individuals. I am tremendously grateful to them for this opportunity!

Andrew Cartwright