We are always striving for precision in our work and understand that growth is a vital process in achieving this.

In addition to mentoring, internal workshops, and on the job training, it’s important that our team feel valued and accomplished within their careers. That is why we highly value our staff’s progress, showcasing their achievements, both professionally and personally, at any given opportunity.

“Working for Mosaic means you’re part of a family. The openness and approachability to our ‘superiors’ is clearly defined by the no-door policy.”

Angie Bristow, Studio Director

Corporate Social Responsibility

As proud members of our local community, we are passionate about making a difference and aligning with like-minded companies and individuals to change the world for the better.

Each year, we aim to dedicated up to 100 hours of our time to helping the community, our staff, and non-profit organisations.

Follow along with our latest CSR initiatives on our News page.

We are always looking for passionate and creative individuals to join our team.
View our latest career vacancies or email us at info@mosaiccse.com for more information.

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