Celebrating design for the London Festival of Architecture

As part of the London Festival of Architecture (LFA), our team have been sharing their favourite buildings around London. Focusing on this year’s theme ‘In Common’, we opened the discussion about the architecture we pass on our commute into work or feel inspired by as engineers.

Since its origins in 2004, the LFA runs throughout the month of June each year with the aim to explore architecture, test new ideas and uncover and promote new talent. As well as buildings, the festival celebrates the in-between spaces and the people who use them, with community at its core.

Some of our team’s submissions included:

  • Battersea Power Station by Mark Gilmore:

“I grew up around the corner from the power station and it was derelict my whole life. Now it’s visited by thousands of people a day and it’s a mindboggling juxtaposition.”

Exterior photo of Battersea Power Station for the London Festival of Architecture 2023, courtesy of Mark Gilmore
image courtesy of Mark Gilmore
  • Tabard Square by Angie Bristow

“It was the first building I worked on as an engineer. My dad was producing the architectural drawings at Rolfe Judd at the time, so I have a personal and family connection. The twisting form of the façade was synonymous with Rolfe Judd at the time (early 2000s) and provided some engineering challenges. Due to its location, I saw it on my way to work for a number of years.”

Exterior photo of Tabard Square for the London Festival of Architecture 2023, courtesy of Angie Bristow
image courtesy of Angie Bristow
  • Waterman’s Square by Maria Cartwright

“Like so many others, I walk past these 1840 Tudor-style homes to and from work and they stick out like a beautiful thumb compared to the other buildings in Penge High Street. I love their fascinating history as Almshouses for the retired freemen of the Company of Watermen and Lightmen of the River Thames.”

Exterior photo of Waterman's Square for the London Festival of Architecture 2023, courtesy of Maria Cartwright
image courtesy of Maria Cartwright

To round up LFA, we have arranged for a private tour of the historic Crystal Palace Subway next month. The tour will allow our team to see the restoration work that is currently taking place to the now disused walkway to Crystal Palace Park.

For further details on the London Festival of Architecture, and to discover what’s going on near you, visit the website here.