Client: The Br3wery

Located a stone’s throw from Mosaic’s head office in Beckenham, the Br3wery are a humble family-run Craft Brewing Company created from a passion for well-crafted beer.

The Br3wery pride themselves in creating a community-focused brewery that’s actively involved in producing and delivering good beer to the good people of Beckenham and we were appointed to provide structural engineering design services to allow the client to create a brewery within a Victorian-era shop.

Our team reinforced the ground floor with discreet steel flitch beams to support the brewery’s fermenters, holding around 2.5 tonnes when the tanks are full. In addition to providing stability to support the fermenters, the client chose to use a brittle finish to the floor in the form of tiles.

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For more information, give the team a call on 020 8658 3403