Client: RAI Contractors | Architect: 23 Architecture / 318 Studio

The two luxurious four-storey private residential properties on Tregunter Road, Little Bolton, were designed with an exquisite level of detail throughout. From the grand staircases to summer houses and perfectly manicured gardens, every inch of these £10m homes was carefully considered.

We were appointed to carry out temporary works and contractor design for both properties, including support of the deep basement extensions which housed the spa, sauna, swimming pool facilities and underground passageway running the length of the estate’s boundary. This is further to providing value engineering advice to the contractor in developing an alternative and more efficient structural solution.

It was necessary to form a full width opening in an existing basement roof slab for a new roof light, however, headroom below was limited meaning a standard trimming beam could not be accommodated (too deep) without first cutting the slab back.

This required significant temporary works to hold up the slab and prop the retaining walls, whereby we proposed a Vierendeel truss, installed through small pocket openings, to support the existing slab before the opening was cut. The existing slab became the top chord of the new steel truss, maintaining headroom as well as removing need for temporary propping. This provided cost and programme savings without impacting on quality.

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