Mosaic CSE’s new website is LIVE

Thank you for your patience while we were opus tessellating (to build or inlay a mosaic)!

Mosaic CSE Limited is delighted to share that our new website is now up and running, and you may notice some big changes – most notable, the bespoke navigation cube.

As with most hand-held puzzles, solving the cube involves performing a series of moves or sequences that alters the scrambled pieces into a solved state, in which every face of the puzzle is a single, solid colour.

Bespoke navigation cube

This 360-degree navigation panel allows you to access all of Mosaic’s latest news, project updates, job vacancies and contact details.

Following the same design, each face of our cube will take you to one of the six main pages of our site:

The Projects navigation cube will allow you to search past and present work across our six project sectors:

Gotten yourself into a twist? Simply click the refresh button to reset the cube and start again – and don’t forget there’s always the quick access option at the foot of the page.

Bringing our idea to life

Reflecting on our journey to bring the cube to life, Craig Young, CEO of Mosaic CSE, explains: “A company’s presence on the internet is no less important today than a shop front was 50 years ago, and the essence of the shop window was to attract customers. We’re hoping, with a little frivolity provided by the cube, our peer group and prospective employees will enjoy the new site.”

We would like to thank Design JD for their time and skills in helping us achieve this vision.

Happy cubing!