Celebrating art with Jonny Kemp

Mosaic CSE are delighted to be hosting a selection of stunning artwork by Jonny Kemp, a local artist based in South Norwood, south east London, who specialises in portraiture and figure drawings in oil paint and fine liner pen.

After coming across his work at the Brown and Green Café in Crystal Palace Park, we invited Jonny to Mosaic’s office to learn more about his unique style and techniques. Following his love for painting and drawings, Jonny has no formal art qualifications beyond A-Level Fine Art but continues to avidly use his (dark) humour to expose the demands that encroach on our time; the commute and mobile phones, further to the limitations and restrictions placed on us from above.

Jonny Kemp's artwork, displayed in the window of Mosaic CSE's head office in Beckenham

With a passion for art and supporting members of our local community, we have agreed to showcase Jonny’s work for the next six weeks, allowing anyone passing along Beckenham Road the opportunity to enjoy his art; and each print is available to purchase as well!

Reflecting on his work, Jonny explains: “I believe we should be able to see ourselves in painting and drawing. We might not like what we see, but it should be recognisable and a way to bring people and their communities together.”

You can view more of Jonny’s work here.