After originally founding Young CE 15 years ago, Craig created Mosaic CSE Limited in 2020 alongside his Co-Founder and life-long friend, Jody Pearce.

Craig is our go-to for Mosaic’s Bespoke residential work, taking the lead on projects such as Huntsworth Mews and Barnfield Wood Road.

His favourite project worked on to date is the Dartford River Crossing Queen Elizabeth II Bridge. Back in 1991, he was principally responsible for the foundations and deck; concrete caissons the size of a ten-storey building that were floated across the sea from Denmark and then sunk into place.

"Craig is an extremely experienced and capable engineer whose knowledge extends well beyond the remit of our refurbishment projects. One of his biggest strengths as a client is that he looks at the design of a project holistically to meet the design and budget requirements rather than just focusing on engineering details, as others in his industry often do. He's clear what the benefits and drawbacks are of various solutions and makes clear recommendations. I trusted his advice and knew it would always be well balanced and thought through."
- Jason Bevan, Private Client